• Cristof van Meer

    Cristof van Meer

    Former soldier, now assigned to the merchant guards for the New Stalhelm Trading Company
  • Darius Delmontico

    Darius Delmontico

    Darius is the youngest son of an old world family, sent to the new continent to look after certain land holdings.
  • Henrik Dartson

    Henrik Dartson

    Henrik Dartson is a physician-priest of Prasseem. He's search the new world for the cure for Black Tongue Rot.
  • Martin Kaufman

    Martin Kaufman

    Humble seed merchant
  • Thorben Ulrich

    Thorben Ulrich

    Magical student, professional gambler, confidence man
  • Rolf Rotwhistle

    Rolf Rotwhistle

    A 40-year-old down-on-his-luck colonist of New Stahlheim. He's hoping his prophetic dreams of a gorge filled with silver will pay off.