Thorben Ulrich

Magical student, professional gambler, confidence man


Thorben is the useless third son of a minor noble house that has long since fallen from any real power or influence, but still monied enough that its scions need not learn a real trade. Sent to study magic lore at the University, he discovered that his new magical skills could be readily applied to his favorite activity: gambling. Of course, magical manipulation of high stakes betting is strictly discouraged (usually with clubs), so Thorben quickly learned to separate his student identity from his gambling life, and became adept at disguises both mundane and magical.

As his flagrant lifestyle(s) became harder to afford, Thorben found himself in higher and higher stakes games. In these circles, it is impossible not to come to the attention of Jacob Bolger, the head of the local arm of organized crime in the city. Bolger soon grew suspicious of Thorben’s unnatural luck, and eventually discovered his secret. Bolger blackmailed Thorben into turning his talents to his own use lest he be revealed to all. Thorben spent a nerve-wracking 3 years under Bolger’s thumb, but he did learn the fine art of the con man from the experience, and honed his disguise and impersonation skills.

It all went spectacularly wrong at a high stakes dog race, at which the duke himself was attending. Bolger had entered his own hound, and instructed Thorben that it must win, by whatever means. Thorben’s plan was to turn the hound invisible at the start of the match, then project an illusory dog which could win the race; simple enough. Unfortunately, Bolger’s invisible dog ran to jump on his master as soon as the invisibility spell took hold, and the distraction brought Thorben’s illusions to an immediate end, revealing the scheme to all. Thorben managed to escape in the chaos, and has not been seen since, but with the Bolger, the Duke, and probably the entire wizard’s college wanting to see him hung, where else could he hide but the new world?

Thorben Ulrich

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